The Premium Cruise Job Seeker Package ©

If you are really serious about cruise ship jobs, you could always upgrade your free account to our superior all-inclusive service – ThePremium Cruise Job Seeker Package© This plan is the ultimate all-around approach to obtaining employment within the cruise industry with a main focus on personalized career assistance and active marketing of your profile to the right employers.

Getting hired for a job aboard a cruise vessel is not an easy task and this is the time when our experienced cruise industry employment consultants step in and start working on your cruise ship job search.


How does our Premium Cruise Job Seeker Package© system work?


 1. Once you register, your requirements will be considered individually and we will review the information you have submitted offering advice and consultancy from our extensive job search and shipboard experience on how it may be improved upon to best match your employment preferences. You may also contact us with your questions by email and receive personal attention. We evaluate your qualifications, work experience and suggest improvements or / and position(s) that you might be more suitable for.



2. We pre-screen your profile and forward it to relevant cruise industry employers, according to the position(s) you are applying for and your geographical location. If you have applied for more than one position, your profile is forwarded individually for each of the positions you have selected (the employer will receive your profile only with the position(s) he/she is hiring for). For example, if you have applied for a Photographer and for a Bartender, the employer who hires photographers will receive your application for Photographer only and the employer hiring Food & Beverage personnel will receive your application for Bartender. Neither will see the other positions you are applying for.
We also distribute profiles according to your country of residence. For example, if you are from Australia, we will forward your profile to cruise lines and concessions recruiting globally plus local recruiters for the cruise industry in Australia. If you are from Canada your application/resume will be distributed to cruise lines and concessions recruiting globally plus the local recruiters in Canada. The same model is valid for every other country. This insures that your application/resume will be forwarded to relevant employers only, with other words – pinpoint precision targeting.
A very high number of cruise ship jobs are never publicized since the employers always have sufficient number of resumes on file, which does not mean that candidates do not get hired for these positions. Your profile will be presented to ALL employers and recruiters regardless of whether they have posted vacancies or not. The most common mistake among cruise job seekers is looking and applying for posted vacancies only. They go for the “visible” openings and forget that the same jobs are also visible to thousands of other candidates all over the world. We are targeting both the “visible” and “invisible” job market, thus multiplying your chances for success.


3. We will send you a detailed report regarding the status of your profile containing the contacts your profile has been submitted to and our personalized expert advise on things that you could do by yourself in order to greatly increase your chances for obtaining employment aboard a cruise vessel.

4. You will be able to download to your computer The Cruise Ship Jobs Guide which contains insider’s tips on obtaining a job aboard cruise ships, details regarding working and living routine on a cruise liner and most importantly a very extensive and up-to-date list of cruise industry employers contacts, categorized by type and positions they hire for. This will enable you to apply personally and directly to a number of employers, hiring for your positions of interest.


5. Employers or / and recruiters interested in your profile could either contact you directly or contact us in order to schedule  an interview (either in person or via webcam (Skype). In the latter case we will forward the information to you immediately.
Whether you are just starting out in the job market, or you are presently working in an unfulfilling job or career,
say hello to a new life of travel, financial success and endless possibilities…